7 Types of Hackers and How to Spot Them

Types Hackers

The seven types of hackers are:

1. Script Kiddies: These are the novice hackers who use pre-written hacking scripts and programs to attack computer systems. They generally have little or no technical skills and rely on others to do the hard work for them.

2. Hacktivists: These are hackers who use their skills to promote a political or social agenda. They may hack government websites or corporate databases in order to make a statement or cause disruption.

3. Cybercriminals: These hackers commit crimes such as identity theft, fraud, and extortion for personal gain. Cybercriminals often operate in organized groups and can be very sophisticated in their attacks.

4. State-sponsored hackers: These are hackers employed by nation states to carry out espionage or cyber warfare against other countries. State-sponsored hacking teams are often very well financed and equipped with the latest tools and techniques.

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