What Companies Have Been Hacked?

Companies Hacked

In 2021, a number of companies have been hacked. Some of the more notable companies that have been hacked include:

– Sony Pictures: In November 2014, Sony Pictures was hacked by a group called “Guardians of Peace.” The hackers stole a large amount of data, including employee information and confidential financial documents.
– JPMorgan Chase: In July 2014, JPMorgan Chase was hacked and nearly 76 million customer accounts were compromised. The hackers gained access to account numbers, addresses, and phone numbers.
– Target: In December 2013, Target was hacked and the personal information of over 70 million customers was stolen. The hackers gained access to credit and debit card information as well as email addresses and phone numbers.
– Yahoo!: In September 2016, Yahoo! Was hacked suffered two major data breaches. The first breach affected over 500 million user accounts while the second affected over 1 billion user accounts.

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